Delivering Utility Savings Worldwide

Our programmatic methodology is built on data-driven, actionable initiatives. 

CBRE’s Energy & Sustainability network focuses on fact-based outcomes that lessen environmental impact—generating both immediate results and long-term financial benefits through key integrated strategies. We have 220+ platform-based energy and sustainability experts and experienced professionals in the field. Leveraging these resources, we provide you with exceptional outcomes using proven core principles that drive meaningful results: 

  • Holistic: Savings are maximized and achieved faster because we address water consumption, waste/recycling, energy supply and all of energy demand’s load segments (plug, lighting, and HVAC) for the entire portfolio) 
  • Data-driven: Actionable information is used to prioritize activities, leading to more effective programs and identification of areas requiring improvement 
  • Programmatic:  Proven and replicable processes are built into standard operating practices  

  • Technology-enabled: Technology is leveraged to multiply resources, generate more accurate results and identify hidden opportunities
  • Proven: A robust measurement and verification program ensures that results are measured objectively and transparently, helping increase confidence in the program
  • Engaged: Cultural engagement with each client’s culture unlocks the savings potential of the entire organization, encouraging the organization to work with the program rather than against it 
  • Targeted: Achievable goals energize teams to perform at a higher level 

Energy Procurement Solutions

We are now offering EnerSource, EPS’ new system that seamlessly sources energy by connecting with suppliers in our automated marketplace, quickly capturing low price opportunities while cost effectively managing your energy supply data and budget for a fraction of the cost of a “traditional” energy broker.

Energy & Sustainability Services

Sustainability Analytics

Detailed consumption data, by facility, enables effective energy program management.
Helping you achieve cost and energy efficiencies through our patent pending process.

Energy Management

Providing platform-based subject matter expertise to assist our clients in managing every aspect of their energy and sustainability efforts.
Securing cost savings through supply-side services and active risk management.

Certification Services

Our proprietary process to help you navigate sustainability certifications such as LEED, WELL, BREEAM, Fitwell, etc.

Sustainability Consulting

Our consulting services to drive utility cost savings, energy efficiency and resource conservation.
Our EV Charging practice provides comprehensive end-to-end capabilities from planning and site selection, transaction management, financing, procurement, installation, and management and maintenance of EV charging locations.